Body & Voice

Body & Voice is an exercise program inspired by Body Technique’s philosophy and principles, specially made for voice professionals. It originated by Vedrana Zrnic, (verified Body Instructor and voice teacher) in her desire to open another helpful perspective for singers and voice teachers in their approach to singing. Body & Voice, as an exercise protocol for anyone craving a better connection with their own body and voice, is a result of the one-year interdisciplinary work of Ana-Marija Jagodic Rukavina, innovator of Body Technique, and Vedrana Zrnic.

Body Technique is a philosophy of natural movement because it is much more than just a concept of how exercises are performed. The technique adapts to your condition, where the cause of the problem is respected, understood, and recognized, offering a complete answer to your well-being.

At the same time, it is also an exercise because it looks at the movement as a reflection of physical, emotional, mental, and energetic presence. In this way, the client can transcend on all mentioned levels or in just one where he feels least balanced. Perceiving a simple Body Technique exercise, is a key that unlocks your individual potential, balances your personality and current state of health, and is a beautiful natural way of connecting with your wholeness.

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Singing, as a complex activity, requires a multidimensional approach for better understanding and functioning. As for the physical part of the engagement, the singing activity involves more than 400 muscles. Therefore, in order to activate, tone, and balance muscles and achieve the long-term sustainability of the singing apparatus, regular, complete, and layered physical activity would be imperative. Besides that, connecting body, breath, mind, and voice, in order to balance the physical, emotional, and mental state of the singer (or any other voice professional) is also required. The exercise philosophy that covers all of the above is called Body technique and the tailor-made program based on it is called Body & Voice.

Vedrana Zrnic

Vedrana Zrnic completed her Master’s degree at the Academy of Music (singing,  vocal pedagogy) in the class of Vlatka Orsanic and her Master’s degree at the Faculty of Economics, both of the University of Zagreb, Croatia. In addition to her regular education, she attended a number of seminars and master classes with renowned voice teachers including Marvin Keenze, Gerhard Zeller, Scott McCoy, and Helena Lazarska. Her singing and pedagogical experiences are mostly gained in the best professional and amateur ensembles in Croatia (e.g. Croatian Radiotelevision Choir, Klapa Cesarice, Zbor INA), numerous solo concerts, and in collaborations with renowned professional orchestras, conductors, and musicians from Croatia and abroad. She is an active concert singer and voice teacher whose main passion is finding new creative approaches in the art of teaching. Following that path, she completed her education at the Kinesiology Academy of Body technique and became a licensed Body instructor. 

Vedrana's Story:

Throughout my life, I tried various types of exercises, until my search for the right one was done here, at PBS Centre, where I discovered Body Technique. I felt it resonated with my being and, like never before, I let my intuition guide me.

I really like the very concept of exercise but it’s even more than that. It’s a holistic treatment of the human body and mind. It is diverse and fun, it is moderate exercise – never exhausting, moreover, always energizing. Apart from all these generally important aspects, there’s something special that occupied my mind from the very beginning of my training. As a singer and voice teacher, I felt that this way of treating body and mind could be meaningful to voice professionals. It just needed to be tailor-made. Following this idea of creating something new and hopefully useful for the world of voice, I completed my education at the Kinesiology Academy of Body Technique and thus became a Body Instructor. The project Body & Voice was born, and my Body Technique mentor Ana-Marija Jagodic Rukavina helped me to develop it, and I started to work with voice professionals. And that’s it – The End. Just kidding, it’s only the beginning, come and try, share your own experience with us and become a part of the future growth of Body & Voice!

Yours, Vedrana

Ana - Marija Jagodic Rukavina

Body Technique was innovated at the beginning of this century by Master of Kinesiology Ana-Marija Jagodic Rukavina while working with a client who, as the head of a large private company and athlete, lived a fast-paced life and experienced daily stress. The results of her work and the quality of the Body technique are evidenced by the fact that this technique has been taught for years at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb with professional, scientific, graduate, and master’s theses. All Body technique exercises are therapeutic, and their origin is in several well-known exercise techniques (classic pilates, gymnastics, dance, yoga), but again they are completely different from anything seen so far. The professional background of the technique has been confirmed by numerous researches and the master’s thesis of the innovator of the technique, Master Ana-Marija Jagodic Rukavina.

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Body & Voice Program

By purchasing this program, you will get access to:

( basic program for pelvic health & advanced classes of Body & Voice exercises )
  • 17 videos with detailed demonstration and explanation of these unique Body Technique exercises for pelvic health
  • A 35-page brochure with pictures and thorough explanations of postures and movements for each exercise as a base for achieving functional body and voice
  • 2 unique Ana-Marija’s video lectures about pelvic health
  • Three 60-minute individual classes with Vedrana Zrnic where you will be taught specific Body & Voice exercises

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