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In addition to exercise, you can choose one of the offered massages and body treatments that are recommended in today's stressful and fast-paced lifestyle. PBS Centre of Sports Excellence, founded in early 2003 by Ana-Marija and Tomislav Rukavina, is an institution that performs the functional exercise for optimal shape and health of all ages. In addition to all the classic Pilates and other sports equipment, and many other aids and props (disc-o-sit, hoops, rollers, mini skateboard, gravity, hoops, etc.), Body technique has over 3000 different exercises programmed by qualified body instructors according to strictly prescribed standards of the technique itself. That is why every hour is programmed differently for our members with the aim of quality and rapid improvement of anthropological, physiological, functional, and psychomotor dimensions of the body.

In addition to the listed activities, the centre provides diagnostics and rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system, ultrasound, laser and electrotherapy treatments, expert consultations, workshops, and the entire educational program of the Kinesiology College of Body Techniques. For our members, the PBS Centre is a place where exercise is a pleasure because it meets individual wishes and needs in a pleasant and friendly environment. Compared to noisy fitness centres, the PBS Centre of Sports Excellence is your personal space for rehabilitation, recreation and sports in which body instructors adapt to your daily needs in a different way with each training session.

Franchise business

Franchising is considered to be one of the fastest growing forms of business, which is another reason to enter such a system.

About the franchise

In response to many inquiries from those interested in practicing Body Techniques and opening centres for recreation, rehabilitation and training, PBS has launched a franchise project. Our vision is to set up a network of franchise centres in all major cities in the east part of Europe, as well as spreading our vision throughout the western part of the continent and expanding beyond our "borders" with the aim of promoting a unique way of exercising Body technique.

Franchising is considered the safest way to do business successfully in the business world today. Every six minutes a new franchise opens in the world. Franchising is considered to be one of the fastest growing forms of business, which is another reason to enter such a system. With this way of doing business, the independence of the franchisee's company as an independent legal entity is maintained, and the possibility of starting an already verified business is obtained, which represents a high probability of return on investment.

Why choose a franchise “Powered By Soul”?

By joining the franchise chain of the PBS Centre of Sports Excellence, you get proven business methods that PBS has built and developed over the years and achieved extremely good acceptance and recognition in the health and recreation market. Franchising is one of our key activities and our franchise partners are key to the success of the entire business.

PBS Centre of Sports Excellence implements a complex educational program of Body Technique through the Kinesiology Academy of Body Technique verified by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports.

PBS is interested in new quality partners in promoting health and fitness. Running a franchise centre is a great challenge for anyone who wants to try their hand at entrepreneurship with the full help of a well-known and recognised partner dedicated to achieving excellence in the field of recreation, rehabilitation and sports.

B2B services

Are you part of the fitness industry and have a desire to introduce something new? You are investing in a complex of sports-recreational-wellness content, and you don't really know where to start? Are you renovating a hotel and don't want to offer guests already seen "copy-paste" beauty & spa content? It is to questions like this that PBS experts offer you original solutions. It is a well-known fact that the investment in a wellness & spa centre is not returned by facilities such as a sauna or swimming pool, but by seriously designed programs tailored to each individual guest and his needs. Therefore, the responsibility of the instructor, ie the therapist in whose hands the guest is left, is invaluable, and a permanent investment in his knowledge is actually the key to success. We are ready to offer you complete know-how in defining the program and content of your investment and help in selecting and educating staff. We are proud to state that we have successfully participated in the projects of large Croatian companies, such as Hidrocommerce from Zagreb and Jadranka Hotel from Mali Lošinj.

Do you want a healthy and functional spine?

Maintain it with the Body technique!

Keeping your spine healthy and functional is a challenge that should be kept in mind and emphasised from primary school. Group programs of the Body technique provide you with strong and healthy postural muscles and optimal mobility and vitality of the whole body. Our watches are always different, adapted to a person under stress, who sits a lot and breathes poorly. Join our small groups with a wide range of props and working conditions.

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