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Kinesiology Academy of Body technique was launched in 2006 with the aim of expanding the complex educational program of Body technique. Participants in the training program for the title of Body instructor acquire comprehensive knowledge in basic and professional subjects. The curriculum consists of seven units (one theoretical and six practical), and classes are held on weekends in small groups. After each completed teaching unit, students receive a certificate that allows them to practice independently in their own space and within the home and franchise centres.

Our lecturers are focused on the open and dedicated transfer of knowledge to students of different professions. Individual adaptability is successfully achieved in small groups of up to ten participants. After successfully completing all seven teaching units, participants take the final exam in theoretical and practical knowledge and acquire the title of Body instructor. With the degree from the Kinesiology Academy of Body technique, the instructor works according to the standards of Body technique, whose work is confirmed at the Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb, and the level of education is at the secondary level. 602-07 / 06-01 / 00004; registration number: 533-09-07-0007).



The training program includes more than 350 active hours, spread over a period of 18 to 20 months, and the teaching process is organized into seven indivisible theoretical - practical units that are attended on weekends. Participants acquire practical knowledge and skills by participating in the teaching process, consulting with mentors, writing preparations, doing passive practice and independent active practice at the individual and group level, which takes place between attending theoretical and practical units. Progress is assessed and commented on in each teaching unit. The order of listening to the units is arranged hierarchically and the units cannot be skipped.

Teaching units

0. Theoretical basis from professional subjects 1. Basics of Body technique 2. Basics of Body technique with weights and wooden props 3. Basics of Body technique with balls 4. "Body slim" program with spinning bikes and acupressure props 5. Advanced body course with elastic resistances 6. Body technique in working with a specific population (children, adolescents, pregnant women)

Curriculum price

Each teaching unit is paid before the agreed date and amounts to 2.000,00kn ~ 267€ Payments are made to the account of the Kinesiology Academy of Body technique IBAN: HR7923400091110241795 with a reference to the approval number (your personal identification number) and a description of the payment (degree number). The price includes the professional manual of Body Technique, the professional book of the master's thesis of the innovator, and the final exam, the date of which is predefined for each generation. In case of postponement of the first exam period, going to the next term is paid 400,00kn ~ 54€. Required literature (along with the film "Fundamentals of Pilates Body technique") is the book "Body technique - Learn to Listen to Your Body" and a series of brochures "Body technique Exercises for a Perfect Belly, Buttocks, and Legs" by Ana-Marija Jagodić Rukavina.

From now on the Academy
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Body instructor License

The body instructor license is valid for two years from the date of acquisition and needs to be renewed. The instructor proves his own status with an identity card and a valid stamp for a period of two years issued to him by Kinesiology Academy of Body technique after passing the exam together with the Certificate of Specialisation. Note: in order to issue the Certificate, it is necessary to submit the required documents together with the application form: a certificate of completed high school, a birth certificate, and a birth certificate. The Body instructor must attend and actively participate in professional meetings organised by the Kinesiology Academy of Body technique for 24 months according to the principle of collecting points.

To renew the license, it is necessary to collect 12 points. During 24 months, each body instructor is able to collect more points than is enough to renew the license. If the body instructor collects more points than necessary, a maximum of 2 points is transferred to the quota for the next cycle.


The trainee acquires the title of Body instructor after:
• passed the theoretical part of the basic subject exam in accordance with the curriculum of Kinesiology Academy of Body technique.
• attended all levels of the practical part of the training program.
• completed the internship independently and under supervision in accordance with the Kinesiology Academy of Body technique curriculum.
passed the theoretical-practical exam before the examination commission of Kinesiology Academy of Body technique.

Evaluation of professional meetings organised by Kinesiology Academy of Body technique

1. theoretical-practical workshops 2 points
2. body day (1 x per year) 1 point
3. convention 3 points
4. franchise camp (only for franchise employees, once a year) 3 points
5th seminar for license renewal (once a year) required! 3 points

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Pooslušajte Karlovu priču u kojoj iznosi svoja mišljenja, vjerovanja i uvjerenja te iskustva koja je sakupio u PBS Centru sportske izvrsnosti od trenutka kada je došao kao apsolvent još 2008. godine pa sve do danas, kada je jedan od glavnih kotačića Kineziološkog učilišta Body tehnike i voditelj PBS Centra u Zagrebu…


Education schedule

Everyone who wants to invest in their knowledge can choose between:

1. a two-year verified training program for a Body instructor or/and
2. Intensive one-day (or weekend) workshops that are practically oriented and can be an excellent supplement for any area of sports, recreation, or rehabilitation that you do. Topics are divided through the annual calendar, and include workshops for maximum utilisation of individual props, for learning about the therapeutic approach of each joint system and for optimal programming of functional exercise.


Adult education institution
Kinesiology Academy of Body technique
Jurkovićeva 19, Zagreb
PIN: 62696047966
IBAN: HR7923400091110241795
Tel: 01 4621 456
E-mail: uciliste@pbs.com.hr

Master team

Ana Marija Jagodić Rukavina, mag.spec. in Kinesiology
Innovator of Body technique

Karlo Šimanović, Master of Science in Kinesiology
Master Body instruktor

Atja Begonja, Master of Science in Kinesiology
Trainee for Master Body instructor

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