Price list

PBS Start package

Included in the packageLengthQuantityPrice
Individual class30 minutes2400,00kn
One-time arrival at the group45 minutes1120,00kn
Partial massage25 minutes1200,00kn
Initial holistic checkup30 minutes1600,00kn
Total130 minutes51.320,00kn

Individual arrival

Training typeLengthPrice
Services of Body technique innovator, mag.spec. Jagodić-Rukavina
Initial holistic checkup30 minutes600,00kn
Repeated checkup30 minutes450,00kn
Individual training and therapy30 minutes350,00kn
Energetic treatment45 minutes500,00kn
Body technique group Online (4x/month)45 minutes450,00kn
Body technique group with the innovator (8x/month)45 minutes700,00kn
Health and consciousness raising group (4x/month)90 minutes1.000,00kn
Services of the PBS centre manager, Master Body instructor, prof. Simanović
Diagnosis of the locomotor system30 minutes400,00kn
Individual class30 minutes250,00kn
Individual class60 minutes400,00kn
Duo60 minutes300,00kn (per person)
Master group60 minutes220,00kn
Services with Body instructor
Individual class30 minutes200,00kn
Individual class60 minutes330,00kn
Duo60 minutes250,00kn (per person)
Trio60 minutes180,00kn (per person)

Group class

Training typeLengthPrice
One-time arrival at the group45 minutes120,00kn
3 times a week45 minutes650,00kn
2 times a week45 minutes550,00kn
1 times a week45 minutes400,00kn
Body@Home ( 12x/month)30 minutes350,00kn
PBS Junior program 60 min (4x/month)60 minutes500,00kn
PBS Junior program 60 min (8xmonth)60 minutes700,00kn
PBS Junior program 60 min (12x/month)60 minutes800,00kn
PBS program for pregnant women 60 min (4x/month)60 minutes400,00kn
PBS program for pregnant women 60 min (6x/month)60 minutes600,00kn


Type of serviceLengthPrice
Biodex isokinetic testing of one pair of joints (knee, ankle, hip, shoulder, torso)30 minutes500,00kn
Biodex isokinetic therapeutic exercise / training60 minutes400,00kn
Biodex isokinetic therapeutic exercise30 minutes300,00kn
Biodex therapy package 10 arrivals (Biodex + massage)90 minutes5.400,00kn

Massages and treatments

Type of serviceLengthPrice
Sports massage50 minutes300,00kn
Sports massage + ultrasound treatment 50 minutes350,00kn
Partial massage25 minutes200,00kn
Partial massage + ultrasound treatment30 minutes250,00kn
Muscle stimulation15 minutes120,00kn
Ultrasound treatment15 minutes120,00kn
Body slim treatment (anticellulite massage + pilling)50 minutes380,00kn
Rejuvenate massage55 minutes400,00kn
PBS treatment (lymph, breathing, manipulations, stone)60 minutes420,00
PBS treatment (therapeutic foot kneading, lymph, breathing, manipulations, stone)
90 minutes450,00kn
Terapijski sat60 minutes400,00kn

PBS Five Elements Wellness

Training type Price
Single arrival 60 minutes200,00kn
Single arrival90 minutes250,00kn
Monthly membership fee - 10 arrivals60 minutes1.500,00kn
The service includes the use of the Finnish sauna, Turkish sauna, infrared sauna, cryotherapy, chromotherapy, reflexology and the use of Kneipp baths
PRIVATE LEASE (max. 6 person)
with included massage60 minutes750,00kn
with included massage90 minutes950,00kn
with included massage120 minutes1.200,00kn
The service includes the use of the Finnish sauna, Turkish sauna, infrared sauna, cryotherapy, chromotherapy, reflexology and the use of Kneipp baths
Relax ritual for 2 people 120 minutes1.000,00kn
Relax ritual for 4 people 120 minutes1.500,00kn
Vitality ritual for 2 people 120 minutes1.100,00kn
Vitality ritual for 4 people 120 minutes1.700,00kn
Detox ritual for 2 people 120 minutes1.250,00kn
Detox ritual for 4 people 120 minutes2.000,00kn
* includes completing questionnaires and instructions about the protocol obtained for your best results
** for payments of 5 rituals in advance, you are entitled to 1 free ritual
*** if the service is used by one person, the ritual is performed in 2 arrivals of 60 minutes each

VAT included.

Package of excellence

for a top athlete

You are dissatisfied with your results, you are often injured, you cannot cope with the growing demands of sports. Maybe you’re doing something wrong and not aware? Or you just can’t recover well after a workout. You can find all the answers to the questions in our PBS centre. We recommend a complete body examination with state-of-the-art Biodex diagnostics.

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