Biodex diagnostics

Biodex diagnostic testing

The Biodex device allows us to do isokinetic testing of one or more joints of your locomotor system, and the measurement results show us the power ratio between individual muscle groups defined by a constant angular velocity (degrees / sec). Proper muscle strength ratio of a particular joint is a basic prerequisite for normal joint activity. The greater the disproportion in individual muscle groups, the greater the possibility of damage and injury to the muscles and the musculoskeletal system they manage. We are able to measure the muscle strength of all the joints in the body (knee, torso, shoulder, ankle, etc.).

In addition to measuring, the isokinetic device also allows you to perform exercises. None of the known forms of exercise has such a strong effect on muscle strength as isokinetic exercise because it is the only one that loads the muscle evenly throughout the entire range of motion. This is why exercise on isokinetic devices is used to increase muscle strength and to correct the imbalances we detect by measuring.

What is isokinetics?

Isokinetic's is a concept that was developed in America during the 1960s. It allows you to measure the strength of muscles and muscle groups in a completely safe way. For many years, isokinetic measurements were intended only for top athletes in rehabilitation periods, and today they are applied to recreational athletes of all ages.

Diagnostic devices

Biodex System 3 Pro

At the Biodex Diagnostic Centre, we use the Biodex System 3 Pro, an isokinetic device that is reputed to be one of the most sophisticated devices in the world. System 3 Pro allows you to work with several different functions. The isokinetic mode allows even muscle loading during the entire range of motion. The isotonic mode allows for a change in speed, while at the same time allowing a constant force free from the influence of inertia with concentric or eccentric muscle contraction. Isometric mode involves exercising muscle groups under resistance that does not allow any noticeable movement of the joint. Passive mode is a unique function that allows safe exercise with a combination of isometric, concentric and eccentric contraction. Reactive eccentric mode allows submaximal neuromuscular reduction.

Biodex Balance System SD

Biodex Balance System is a device designed for those who want to improve balance, increase the ability of proprioception, develop muscle tone and treat various painful conditions. The Balance System allows testing and training in static and dynamic modes. Using this unique device, the therapist is able to determine the neuromuscular control of an individual by quantifying the possibility of maintaining dynamic bilateral or unilateral postural stability on a fixed or unstable underlying surface. The device also serves as an excellent indicator of the level of possibility of injury, and in the rehabilitation segment it is used as a system for activating the torso stabilizer, which is crucial in the prevention of torso injuries.

Biodex Gait Trainer 2

Biodex Gait Trainer 2 is a unique treadmill with an information monitor that monitors and stores data on the length and speed of your step and the time distribution of the transition from one leg to the other (step symmetry). The data obtained from gait analysis are used in leg rehabilitation, but are also suitable for assessing imbalances in walking and running in athletes and recreational athletes. The client is motivated by timely audio-visual feedback and stimulates the performance of proper gait: stride length, stride speed and stride symmetry. Gait Trainer 2 also has the function of walking and running uphill and downhill to emphasize the work of a particular muscle group or movement.

Measurements and exercises


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