Stress and physical tension are inevitable in today's lifestyle, so in addition to exercise, revitalising massages for inner and outer beauty is available to you. Use the healing treatments of the body to restore energy balance and impaired health.

Massages and treatments

Sports massage

Sports massage enables faster and more complete elimination of all undesirable and harmful consequences of increased physical activity. In all training programs, it is necessary to rationally and continuously anticipate the use of this massage.

Classic massage

A light massage with a slightly milder effect than sports. Long movements stimulate circulation, reduce stress and muscle pain.

Anti-cellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage penetrates deep into the tissue with the aim of reducing the number of fat cells and improving blood flow, restores the elasticity and tone of connective tissue, and also stimulates the excretion of waste products from the body.

Hot Stone

In this exceptional therapy, stones formed by mineral deposition and volcanic activity are used. In the midst of thermal conductivity, it not only heats a part of the body locally but also affects the systemic changes in the body and the energy centres responsible for the balance of body and mind.

Lipox treatment

Lipogel is a preparation based on caffeine, theophylline, and guarana that promotes strong dissolution of fat cells, which results in a reduction in volume and remodulation of the body. The treatment consists of applying lipo gel to the body, wrapping, and anti-cellulite massage.

Release treatment

In light clothing, without oil, this is a great treatment for relieving back and neck pain, removing stiffness, headaches, cramps, and similar conditions because by relaxing your fascia it also relaxes joints and rejuvenates the entire locomotor system by correcting poor posture and improving joint mobility.



Kinesitherapy refers to the treatment of various painful conditions, postural problems, and sports injuries, and is performed by kinesitherapists / kinesiologists. Kinesitherapy exercises use movement for the purpose of injury prevention, elimination of deformities or postural deviations such as poor posture and the like.

Kinesitherapy exercises can be:
kinesitherapist performs exercises, passive manipulations when a person is unable to perform active exercises, and they are useful in preventing the formation of contractures, maintaining the length of muscle fibers, and improving proprioceptive sensations
b) ACTIVE ASSISTANTS - the person starts the given movement, and the kinesitherapist helps to perform the movement to the full range
c) ACTIVE - a person performs a movement and serves to strengthen the muscles and increase the range of motion in the joint

Through kinesitherapy and movement, we improve neuromuscular communication, develop other characteristics of the locomotor system, such as strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination of movements, raise awareness of body posture and improve the function of internal organs. The most important task of kinesitherapy is to restore the functionality of the joint - muscle - tendon system and restore painless body movement.


The ultrasound device can be used for cosmetic and therapeutic purposes. Therapeutic ultrasound refers to the application of ultrasound energy for the purpose of treatment. Depending on the method of application (continuous or pulsed), its thermal and non-thermal effects are used. The continuous technique heats the treated tissue, reduces muscle spasm, promotes tissue regeneration (increases the elasticity of collagen tissue), and consequently reduces the feeling of pain. The pulse technique achieves a non-thermal effect, ie there is no heating of the tissue, so this method of application allows us to use ultrasound in acute injuries. The action of ultrasound for therapeutic purposes is mechanical, thermal, and biochemical, and is used in various soft tissue dysfunctions, including joint contractures, scar tissue, degenerative changes in the joints, inflammation of the mucous sacs in the joints, skeletal muscle spasms, and pain, tendon inflammation, painful conditions spine, sports injuries. Continuous ultrasound with a frequency of up to 1500 kHz is used for cosmetic purposes. The probe with which the directed ultrasound beams are applied to the most affected areas of cellulite, causes vibrations, makes reflections in the tissues, and enhances the biological effect. This energy enables a thermal effect and stimulates the melting of adipose tissue cells, promotes the separation of excess fluids, accelerates the revitalization of the skin, and improves blood circulation, which significantly reduces cellulite.


Laser radiation is one of the forms of light therapy, the so-called amplification of light by means of stimulated radiation energy. It is used for therapeutic purposes in extra-articular rheumatic diseases such as tendon inflammation, tendon sheath inflammation, painful shoulder, and painful (tennis) elbow syndrome, painful muscle conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, and many others. The effects of laser therapy are to improve microcirculation and stimulate cellular metabolism, which contributes to the reduction of pain and inflammation.


A form of therapy that uses electricity to reduce pain, eliminate inflammatory processes, improve circulation, and speed up the regeneration of the affected area. Electrotherapy accelerates the dilation of blood vessels and stimulates better blood and lymphatic circulation, which has a beneficial effect on metabolism in the tissue and speeds up the recovery process. In addition to the analgesic effect, some forms of electrotherapy stimulate the regeneration of peripheral nerves and bone healing (osteogenesis). In our centre, we use electrostimulation as an adjunct therapy with the Biodex isokinetic device, which is most common in acute hypomobility of the joint, in severe injuries, postoperative conditions, and in weakened muscles due to prolonged immobilisation.

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