Holistični pregled

You will book a holistic check-up if you want a complete examination of your body, whether you just want to enroll recreationally in the PBS centre or you have some problems. At the consultation, you will get another slightly different view of yourself, in relation to the clinical picture and the medical history of your previous conditions. We look at you as a unique self-renewing pattern and as such you cannot belong to the same group of medications, exercises or diet. Namely, your body (compared to a doctor's report) shows your state of health differently.

Master Jagodić Rukavina examines you from foot to head and through posture, movement, breathing, sore spots on the body and behavior reveals the most common causes of your problems and gives clear solutions to improve your overall health. After the consultation you will have a clear picture and motivation to work on yourself. There is always hope, as well as the solution…

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